We see a stack of colorful block on the landing page, each representing a project. Text appears, describing his role on each project, e.g., "I led the design on a Volvo pitch." Often this type of information gets buried within the text or ignored completely. Communicating this in such an eye-catching yet straightforward way is smart design.

Paule Design (Made With Wix)

If you are interested in learning tech skills, these tips are perfect for getting started faster. On the other hand, you want to exclude anything that doesn’t relate to how you can solve their problems clients. All in all, keep the design simple as we just discussed and organize your content in a user-friendly layout. Now you should have everything setup to start creating and uploading content to your portfolio site. You can usually make the money back right away, either through saving heaps of time or simply charging your client $50–90 more.

  1. CareerFoundry is an online school for people looking to switch to a rewarding career in tech.
  2. When clicking on each project, you will find a detailed breakdown of the works from start to finish in a parallax scrolling layout and juxtaposition imagery.
  3. The site’s smooth scrolling makes it easy to explore, aiming to impress potential clients and employers.
  4. By designing your own brand and website in this way, you'll attract more clients who resonate with that vibe.

11th Avenue Web Design

She has a specific connection to branding and font selection, but combines and applies all of her skills to each project. She helps take websites to a new level that is both visually appealing as well as well written. Furthermore, the site has a clear navigation menu that contains only the most important pages, as well as a call to action to get in touch. For each project, there is a dedicated page where you can learn more about it and understand what kind of work went into it.

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Visitors are introduced to the designer, before scrolling through a series of his designs displayed along one side of the page. By clicking on any of the work examples, viewers are transported to a page dedicated https://www.trading-market.org/ to each project, complete with a detailed description. Cinematographer Daniel Grindrod‘s digital portfolio captures potential clients’ attention from the start with an engaging full-screen video.

Ewan Kerboas Creative Front-End Developer Portfolio

When you first create a website, you want to be sure it stands out. To avoid becoming just another portfolio in the crowd, you need to stand out. Regardless of the content of the pages, you want to be sure that your page is perfect on the back end. Your portfolio website code needs to be perfect, with fast loading times and page elements to display your skills.

There is also a floating menu that allows you to click on the different works available on the website, with a header showcasing the next project that he is working on. The layout of the menu also differs from the conventional format, putting the labels in different directions, providing an interesting visual to the website. It’s also good to specify what your design workflow involved, such as what tools you used, etc.

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Every entry is also clickable and gets you to the respective site or company. Codepuffin was founded by Amy, a developer based in New-Zealand who showcases her skills in web developing. Her portfolio is colorful using bold colors, presenting her outgoing personality and creativity in her designs. On the website, Inaki emphasizes on how important the relationship and communication between client and designer is to complete his works effectively. His portfolio is also based on the screenshots and imagery of his sample projects, bringing a stunning visual effect to his portfolio.

Zeroqode is an old no-code development agency known for its partnership with Bubble.io and its expertise in building web, mobile, and AI applications. Their website has a clean and colorful design reminiscent of an app interface, showcasing their latest projects and innovations. With interactive video previews, visitors can explore the functionalities of their AI solutions before diving into detailed case studies of their work. When you land on his site, you’re given the option to pick from four different color schemes, allowing for a personalized browsing experience. Anton’s portfolio stands out for its attention to detail and informative content.

You need to position your brand so that it's the solution to your clients' problems, and not one of many comparable solutions. Almost 2 million great portfolios have been designed using Carbonmade, where professionals can design an effective digital portfolio in just minutes using a convenient drag-and-drop feature. It’s simple for anyone to create a new website for free, and they can choose to upgrade to paid options that allow for customizable domain names, additional content and more. Artists, designers and other visual creatives can showcase their work in a community of other creative professionals using Dribbble. While other platforms allow users to display completed words, Dribbble also allows them to showcase works in progress, allowing artists to draw attention while they are still creating works.

To showcase his work, he uses a different section per job and uses a horizontal slider to show us pictures of the final products. On the landing page, he uses a simple paragraph to describe himself and then has a small menu with the basic sections of the site. If you are looking for something simple and functional, you can take Chase’s portfolio as your example to follow. Recommended for those developers who have a great mastery of 3D animation. If you are looking to build a portfolio with beautiful visuals and a few texts, you should consider using the fullPage.js fullscreen carousel.

Every professional wants to see their digital portfolio stand out, highlight key elements with a sleek website design and contain content that attracts search engines. Another great example of an effective and engaging design portfolio is the website for Apple’s Adrian Zumbrunnen. Product designer Carmeron Ward showcases his work in a simple online portfolio.

Inaki Soria strives on freelance web designing while working remotely from his clients. Based in Brooklyn, Buzzworthy is an agency that has great expertise in developing and creating custom websites using WordPress. As you enter their landing page, they provide a long interactive list of their past projects that direct you to the project’s page. He has also used a contrasting black background with brightly colored sections web developer portfolio examples to strike the perfect balance between making the page visually appealing without overwhelming users. The sophisticated display of the motion fish is the captivating feature that displays the full potential of the graphic agency’s talent, uniqueness, and creativity. Finally, he provides a professional brand guideline for his personal brand, which indicates just how experienced and sophisticated his design approach is.

However, testimonials save the employer some time when checking your references. Because of this, you'll want to make that code available for review. Now that you know some of the basics, below are some advanced suggestions for frontend developers that you can consider.

Qode Kaleidoscope is another collection of Qode Interactive themes, this time handpicked for their distinct color-driven visual identities. The whole site is based on the interplay of colors and patterns within a kaleidoscope, and the way this concept is embedded both into its design and its UI is simply amazing. Describing himself as a highly creative, front-end developer and designer, Mees Verberne makes use of glitching, to give the site some extra character. He also uses banded gradients that give the look of gentle lighting. The QI Catalog is a curated compilation of WordPress themes inspired by different forms of art.