Active Assailant: Products

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Aspen, reinsured by Lloyd’s of London
Policy: Offered on a surplus lines basis
Deductibles: None


Policy Limits Capacity: $25,000,000

Policy Triggers:

  • Active Assailant Incident – a deliberate malicious physical attack by an Active Assailant with a weapon
    • Weapon – includes any firearm, explosive device, hand-held instrument, vehicle, drone or any corrosive material or substance
  • Threat Incident – any specific threat to inflict bodily harm or damage/destroy your property

Who Is An Insured: Definition of an insured includes employees, customers, students, contractors or guests of the insured


Legal Liability: Indemnification for Damages and Claims Expenses for which the Insured becomes legally obligated to pay.  Claims expenses are within the policy limits.  Liability coverage is on a claims-made basis.

Physical Damage: direct physical loss, damage or destruction of Insured Property

Business Interruption: 18-month indemnity period

Extra Expenses:

  • Denial of Access – If an incident occurs within a mile radius of your location(s) and it prevents you from using these locations, our policy will respond
  • Medical Expenses – Expenses for any Insured Person physically present during the Incident
  • Brand Rehabilitation – public relations expenses to restore public confidence in the Insured.
  • Child Care – Costs incurred by an Insured person within 14 days of an Incident
  • Emergency Travel & Accommodations – Costs incurred by an Insured Person or their immediate family
  • Emergency Security Arrangements – Costs to secure the covered location and provide increased security.
  • Forensic Clean-Up – Costs to clean-up human remains
  • Funeral Expenses – Burial and cremation costs
  • Psychiatric Care – Expenses for any Insured Person physically present during the Incident. Coverage applies for 180 days after Incident
  • Repatriation – Costs to repatriate the body of an Insured Person as the result of an Incident
  • Temporary Premises – Costs to lease/rent premises used in place of real property damaged in an Incident
  • Temporary Staff Costs – Recruitment costs to replace employees physically present during an Incident and unable to continue working

Response Fees: 24/7 security response from GardaWorld


Child Abduction: $10,000 of coverage for Incident Response Consultant Fees to advise and manage the release of an Insured Person held without consent from their legal guardian for a period in excess of 6 hours

Off-site: Most products only provide coverage at a Covered Location. For certain classes, the McKee Aspen product has a special extension to provide coverage at any location.