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Our Actuarial department is responsible for providing McKee Risk Management with an objective understanding of the results of the company’s underwriting activities. The primary focus is monitoring price levels within each portfolio. Employing customized measurement tools, the Actuarial team tracks deviation from benchmark levels and changes in rate per exposure unit. Additionally, working closely with the Claims staff, historical claims experience is reviewed quarterly in order to project ultimate portfolio profitability. McKee has developed and is constantly refining its experience and exposure rating tools specifically designed for these products.

The Actuarial team collaborates with our underwriting committee on complex accounts within the portfolio.



Nicole Hobbs

Senior Actuarial Analyst

Claims Services

Ed Andrescavage is responsible for coordinating the claims services within McKee Risk Management. At McKee Risk Management we recognize that controlling claims starts before the occurrence, through proper TPA selection. The adjusters that manage claims within each of our Programs have extensive expertise dealing with the unique exposure inherent within that Program. Claims management is critical to underwriting profitability and client satisfaction. 

In addition to the selection of highly specialized adjusters, McKee Risk Management claims professionals are involved in:

Review of all new claims

Collaboration with TPAs and partner carriers in reserving large claims

Oversight of serious claims

Selection of Specialized Law Firms to defend our Insureds

Liaison with partner carrier Claim Departments

Collaboration with our Underwriters & Risk Control

Identification of claim trends to reduce customer costs and improve profitability



Ed Andrescavage

Vice President l Claims


Eileen Cartwright

Assistant VP of Claims


Monica Olsen

Claim Account Representative

Risk Control & Safety Services

The McKee Risk Management Risk Control & Safety Services department consist of Dan Niewoehner. Dan is charged with supporting and working with our insureds to enhance their safety and loss prevention initiatives. He conducts detailed onsite review of operations, communicates recommendations to improve safety, and provides supplemental training where appropriate. Dan also oversees and utilizes a network of highly experienced Independent Consultants and Industry Specialists as a part of McKee Risk Management Risk Control and Safety Services. 


Formal risk control service plans are developed at the time of the initial meeting with our clients and agents/brokers. These service plans are typically loss source and loss prevention focused and may include the following elements:
• The comprehensive review of the existing written employee, general public, and fleet safety programs.
• The completion of periodic loss prevention and compliance focused site surveys.
• The review of new construction projects’ safety specifications and “pre-job safety plans”.
• Active participation in Safety Committee meetings and/or other corporate level risk management meetings.
• Conducting training seminars specific to relevant safety and/or fleet safety issues.
• Providing the client with safety resource materials including access to the Carriers’ virtual training platforms when available.



Dan Niewoehner, CSP

Vice President


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