Summer at McKee

At McKee we believe in connecting with one another through enjoyable experiences.  The company sponsored, lunchtime BBQs, golf-outings, day at the spa, and even the occasional axe-throwing competition are just a few of the fun experiences that create powerful bonds among staff.  These activities allow for better communication, building trust and creating a better working environment!


Sports at McKee

Teamwork, team building, accomplishing our goals together and promoting a healthy lifestyle at work are elements for achieving a positive work environment!  At McKee we encourage our staff to join our company sponsored events.  McKee sponsored softball, soccer, golf and biking are a few our staff’s favorite activities.


Giving back since 1999

McKee and our employees enjoy giving of themselves.

• Insurance Day of Giving
• Bike MS
• The Ben to The Shore Bike Tour
• Various Golf Tournaments
• Stockings For Soldiers
• Toys for Tots


Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance

401(k) Profit Sharing

Generous Paid Time Off (PTO)

Short Term Disability, Long Term Disability

Paternity Leave

Maternity Leave

Dress For Your Day dress code

On-Site Gym (free membership)

Onsite Summer BBQs and Winter Holiday Lunches During Peak Times

Open Positions

Hiring exceptional staff is the key to meeting and exceeding our business goals. Hiring the right staff also allows McKee to continue to offer our exceptional work environment, excellent employee benefits, rewarding carrier paths and a healthy and fulfilling work-life balance. We strive to provide every employee with the opportunity to grow physically, mentally and financially while working for McKee.

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McKee is deeply focused on developing our staff so they can thrive, read about.


"I have been with the company for over 5 years now, and from day one McKee has offered me an opportunity to excel professionally as well as grow personally. I have had more opportunities, to be included in projects, exposed to management of all levels, and travel, then most of my peers at larger organizations. I have formed some lifelong friendships among co-workers and it is now more than ever you realize how important it is to be surrounded by people who genuinely care about your health & happiness. McKee has also been excellent in helping me achieve my educational goals. I am working towards a CAS designation through Actuarial exams. McKee has offered me study hours, a bonus structure as well as study materials & test support. What sets McKee apart for me though, is the opportunity to work one on one with a Fellow of over 30 years. Having the open door policy with my manager helped me learn Actuarial techniques faster than I may have at a larger organization. With my growth came opportunities to manage summer interns, which I look forward to each year."

Nicole Hobbs


"I enjoy working for McKee as a production underwriter because of the competitive nature of the insurance business, especially in the Worker’s Compensation market. As a college athlete, I have always been very competitive and McKee has given me the platform to showcase by soliciting new business opportunities, servicing our clients and building relationships both internally and externally. Because of McKee’s MGU model, we have the opportunity to build relationships with both our carrier and agency partners. This hybrid model provides many opportunities for young insurance professions to learn and grow. Since I started at McKee in the summer of 2017 after graduation from SJU, I have continuously been challenged each year with additional responsibilities. This is my 3rd year at McKee and I feel I have developed faster as an underwriter than if I worked elsewhere in the industry. These challenges have helped me grow as an insurance professional and I am looking forward to the new challenge of helping train our 2020 new hire. Overall, McKee encourages and provides the tools for employees to succeed and I am looking forward to working here for many years to come. Also, I love playing for the McKee softball and soccer teams!"

Ted Foley


"McKee is a great place to work for a variety of reasons. It’s equally challenging and fulfilling. You’re encouraged to take initiative as you see opportunities, regardless if it’s in your formal job description or responsibility. I have the ability to directly correlate my action to bottom line results, allowing me to see the contributions I make to the team. It’s a collaborative environment, where any positon, regardless of title, has a voice and ability to ignite change. Senior management promotes a non-hierarchical culture with their open door policy through being constantly accessible for guidance and support. Aside from work, McKee has a strong sense of community that prioritizes the treatment of its people. Coworkers genuinely care about each other’s wellbeing. I’ve been with McKee for six years and have been afforded the opportunity to work across multiple practices. This exposure expedited my understanding of the industry and enabled me to take on greater leadership roles."

Jon Schauer


"Prior to joining McKee, I had spent 30 years in the Insurance Industry with only two different companies.  I was worried that I would struggle to fit in this late in my career, but the team at McKee accepted me immediately.  The thing I like most about working at McKee is the willingness to invest in continuous improvement that makes us better as employees and McKee better as a company.  Employee communication at McKee is excellent, you get timely feedback on your job performance from your Manager and the Executive Team updates employees regularly on how well the company is doing in meeting our objectives for the year.  This kind of work environment makes everybody feel like they are a valuable member of the team as improvements can come from both the top-down and the bottom-up.  If you are looking for a fast paced work environment for a company that is poised to be a leader in the industry for years to come, McKee Risk Management is the place for you."

Christine McClure.


The McKee Risk Management, Inc. Internship Program provides career-oriented students with an invaluable experience and exposure to the professional world prior to graduation. Students seeking an insurance internship in the Philadelphia area will have the unique opportunity to receive first-hand involvement in the underwriting process here at McKee.

Our intern duties stretch far beyond clerical tasks and include meaningful responsibilities that positively impact our successful business strategy. By interning with a Program Administrator like us, you’ll work with both agents and carriers, giving you a comprehensive understanding of how the insurance world operates. Many of our interns now work alongside of other young professionals and together learn and grow into successful professionals with long-term careers at McKee.


Interns at McKee receive the following benefits: 

Competitive Hourly Compensation

Diverse Project Assignment

Exposure to Underwriting, Business Development, Risk Control & Claims Services

Engaging Office Events and Fun Activities (Softball, Barbeques, Casual and Summer Dress)

Individual Career Development and Nurturing

1:1 meetings with our Senior Leadership Team

Interns at McKee have come from major colleges and universities all over the country, such as:

Bowdoin College
Bucknell University
Drexel University
Elon University
Cornell University
Muhlenberg College
Penn State University
Saint Joseph’s University
Syracuse University
Temple University
University of Delaware
University of Pittsburgh
University of Southern California
Vassar College
Villanova University
West Chester University

If you’re looking for an insurance internship in the Philadelphia area, please send us your cover letter and resume.


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